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Employing Young talent Incentive Program - EYTI

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Youth Job Link - YJL

The Employing Young Talent Incentive supports small businesses to hire and retain assisted youth

ages 15-29 who are not in school.  

Eligible employers will receive up to $2000. per participant. Employers receive $1000. upon hiring and $1000. after retaining the youth for six months. ​Youth and employers must be working with RNC through job matching services and apply for incentives prior to starting the job. ​

Employer Eligibility
Fewer than 100 employees (including part-time and full-time), counted at the point the youth will start work to receive the first incentive of $1,000.
Hire an ES assisted youth (ages of 15-29) for a job that averages at least 20 hours per week* through

the Job Matching, Placement and Incentives component of the ES program** 
Employers are eligible for the second  $1000. incentive if the assisted youth is retained for 6 months 
Be licensed to operate in Ontario and provide the job in Ontario

*Exceptions to the minimum hours per week requirement can be made for youth with disabilities who

may not have the capability to work an average of 20 hours per week.
**Employers are also required to meet certain service delivery requirements in order to be eligible for      Employing Young Talent Incentives (see Service Delivery Eligibility Requirements section below).
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Job Search support for youth ages 15 - 29

Part time, full time and summer jobs!

Once you are registered with our centre, you will be assigned to a Case Manager. An appointment is scheduled to review your skills, interests, job search techniques and potential job opportunities. 

Call now to book your individualized appointment. 905-727-3777

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YJL offers financial support to assist youth with purchasing

work related items including clothing or safety equipment for a first job. Incentives can also be used to support eligible employers to offset the cost of training youth. Youth and employers must register / apply for incentives before starting the job. ​

For youth ages 15 - 29

Youth can be in school or have graduated from formal education

Applicable to part-time, summer or full time jobs
Offers financial incentives to hire youth in a First Job
Youth must be an Ontario Resident

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Youth are provided with one-on-one guidance, Case

Management and Job Development. Job search techniques

and coaching are provided for resumes, interviews and networking.   

Youth Job Search Club Tuesday, January 22

4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Resume Preparation

Job Interest, Posting and Resume Submission to Employers

Interview Video and Discussion

Peer to Peer Two Minute Interview Practice

Volunteerism and

Volunteer Opportunities

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